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  Welcome to Jalaram Products, a trusted name in Bakery and Confectionery materials in India. Over the past decade, we have relentlessly strived to build a brand that stands for best quality food products that satisfy the needs of the industry.  Our flagship brand, KOW™ is a brand of choice as a raw material for making delicious food items both at home and for large scale manufacturing of food products.

With our Research and Product Development skills, we have taken to market the products that are easy to use and exceed the expectations of our customers for manufacture of their end products. This means that every time you use our products, you are sure that your recipes turn out to be extra delicious!!!



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Our Products
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KOW™ Custard Powder
BUSH Baking Powder
KOW™ Icing Sugar
KOW™ Corn Flour
KOW™ Cocoa Powder
KOW™ Drinking Chocolate Powder
KOW™ Flavored Glucose Powder
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